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Happy 15th Birthday Alina!
You’re my idol, and you’re finally 15! I go to you for advice because honestly, your the only person I can trust. Alina, you’re amazing. Don’t let anybody say you aren’t. You tried to kill yourself twice, and if you actually succeeded I would be left without an idol. I made this blog to prove that I love you. Not for you to notice me or anything, but because you deserve someone to tell you that you’re perfect everyday. So fuck all those people that say you aren’t perfect, because you’ve got a whole group of people here that think you are. I remember the day I went up to you and told you that you were my idol. Olivia was right next to you and your exact words were “Oh my god, really?”  To this day you still are my idol, and there’s a special place in my heart that your in and nobody else. I honestly miss you shitless and to see you at the World Fair made my day. I love you and Happy 15th Birthday Alina!<3

P.S. I still haven’t been to Magic Mountain like I promised :)

The Ready Set - Killer (Stop Motion) [x]